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Happy Women’s Day 2016!

International Women’s Day!

Happy women’s day to all my friends, home and every heart. 🙂
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Maggi Noodles Banned in India!

Maggi Noodles Banned in India!


If it is so, then this is not the only product which is harmful to people, likewise banning every such products is not going to happen. If the govt is going to take such an action, in that case How long can a “Ban” sustain?

Nestle is a large scale industry, they will find a way to their product. What happens when products like maggi sponsoring Cricket or IPL like Pepsi and Coke printing their logo in the play ground, or what if a Star Identity say that they are using it? Our minds bend and we are still ready to accept it. A child at age of 3, is at KFC and drinking pepsi/coke with his/her family. We all witness it, and we really do know if they child got there to buy it or someone has bought it for the child. Story is that, they are using us! We have to wake up!!! When these products come out of the ban, restrictions, etc.,. this same Indian advertising agencies are going to create a new concept to fulfill the gaps between people and the products with their new marketing strategies. Also this same media who project such products which has been banned and harmful to health, are going to broadcast and bring those commercials into our homes.

The point is we cannot sit here and blame every one who are involved in such issues, we have to stop using such products and protect ourselves, family, friends and warn our circumstances…

Statutory warning_Version02_B

Some say that, If It is harmful to health then add a statutory warning such as “Consuming Maggi is Injurious Health” on the frontside of the package with some infection’s image and sell it like Tobacco products!!!
Why not? It means a lot.

Wake up!

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Happy Easter to all :)

Happy Easter 🙂

20140420-024003 PM.jpg

Happy Easter to all my friends & family all over the world ♡
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