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An art enthusiast from childhood, a digital & VFX artist by profession, media and psychology student forever - that would be a sufficient introduction to me. The blog is a collection of my reflections and refractions on art, film and society - in three different languages - English, Tamil and Visual. Welcome to my tri-lingual blog. I scribble. I write. I express. I create. With a hope art is not for art’s sake. Digital Artist & Movie Publicity Designer of MAYA, IRUMBUTHIRAI, MAARI2, NVP, KD, HERO and TAKHT.. Spread Love. Thank you.

The Starry(Scary) Night | Covid-19


The Starry(Scary) Night.
India’s migrant worker tragedy.
Migrants on Road.

Learning “Vincent Van Gogh”.

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Social Distancing

Social Distancing_Sivadigitalart Post

Social Distancing.

A reflection of some of the painful events on this COVID-19 Lockdown.

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International Workers Day 2020.

Workers Day Sivadigitalart

Happy International Workers Day!

A Salute and honor to each and every worker.

Let’s all, thank the #workers around the world & especially all the Frontline heroes who are working day & night due to the #COVID19 crisis while the rest of us staying safely at home.

Thank you #Corona Warriors.

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Stay at Home | Covid-19

Please Stay At Home.
“Spread Love Not Virus”.

(Inspired from Jaws)

Don’t throw your used mask and gloves on the streets. It’s actually dangerous. It actually could put other people in harm. Discarding face masks and gloves on city sidewalks and streets are dangerous for both animals and humans. This happens because many don’t know how to dispose of and others are irresponsible.

Let’s Fight Corona.

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Happy Birthday Actor Ajith Kumar Sir.


Advance Happy Birthday to the most Hardworking #AjithKumar sir.
Advance International worker’s day wishes to all.

#ThalaAJITHBdayGalaCDP HD Image, Mobile Wallpaper, and #Thala Title Font.
Download the files from the link below.


#ThalaAJITHBdayGalaCDP #workersday #StayHomeStaySafe #art #love #sivadigitalart


Evolution of Covid-19 in Humans


RIP hero Dr. Simon Hercules, a 55-year-old neurosurgeon.
I condemn attacks against the burial of a doctor who died of Covid19.
My deepest condolences to all of Dr. Simon’s family and friends.

While the nation repeatedly saluted Frontline healthcare workers for their service during the carnivorous pandemic, one doctor in Tamil Nadu was robbed of dignity even in death.

On 19 April, 55-year-old neurosurgeon, Dr. Simon Hercules, also the MD of New Hope Hospital in Chennai, passed away on Sunday after having tested positive for COVID-19 earlier. At around 9 pm, his family & fellow doctors, officials from Chennai’s municipal corporation, were on their way to a burial ground when they were diverted to a second place. When they approached the burial ground at TP Chathram, people surrounded them. Sticks and stones were thrown at those already grieving the death of their father, their colleague, their friend and they left healthcare workers bleeding.

Police said the people feared the burial would spread the virus. Dr. Simon Hercules was later buried in the presence of police security, but without his family members being around. Police have arrested 20 persons for rioting and attempt to murder while opposing the burial of a doctor who died of Covid-19.

Meantime, Vijayakanth sir who has offered a portion of land near a college owned by his family to bury the coronavirus victims.

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